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“Let’s work together to turn the idea God placed in your heart into profits” – Amos Johnson Jr, PhD



The God Idea Lab is a coaching program that guides you in developing a business plan that creates profits from the idea God placed in your heart.

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Coach: Amos Johnson Jr, PhD
Location: Virtual (Skype or Telephone)
Duration: 6 weeks
Investment: $1495

Let me ask you two questions … Has God placed a business idea in your heart? But you’re having difficulty making a profit from your idea?

If so, you are not alone.

You see, most of us know “What” God has called us to do and “Why” He called us to do it.

But knowing “What” and “Why” is not enough information to profit from a God Idea.

You need to know “How”

And as you have no doubt discovered, the “How” can be hard to find

This is why I created the God Idea Lab

It is a 6-week coaching program that guides you in discovering “How” to profit from the idea God placed in your heart.

From studying the Word of God, I see a clear way to find out “How” to profit from the idea He gave you.

Proverbs 15:22 from the NLT tell us that “Plans go wrong for lack of advice; [but] many advisers bring success.”

So what does this show us?

Well, this tells us that profiting from a God idea is not a set of secret tricks, but is from many advisers helping us create a plan to succeed with the idea God has given us

That’s it.

I know it’s really simple!

But many of us just wing it.

We know God desires for us to be in the marketplace; however, we just put something out there and hopes it works under the false pretense of “Faith”

You see, it’s not a lack of “Faith” to seek advice on something God placed in your heart. In fact, God instructs us to seek advice.

The purpose of the advice is to create a business plan that is a clear roadmap to profit for the idea God placed in your heart

But without advisors your business plan will fail

So who are these “many advisers” that Proverbs 15:22 instructs us to have

Well, these many advisers are people, people that can provide us with the specific information we need to profit from our God idea.

  • First – you need a guide, someone you can discuss your idea with and help you create a plan
  • Second – your customers need to be part of your “many” advisers

That’s right, I said your customers are your advisers


Because they are the ones buying your product or service, and their feedback is the most important advice you need.

So if you want to profit from the idea God placed in your heart, you need advice from a guide and your customers

This advice will be used to create the business plan to profit.

The business plan is the “How”,

because remember you already know “what” God has called you to do and “why” He called you to do it.

You just need to discover “How” to turn it into profits

And that’s propose of the Advice, to help you discover “How”

That’s it.

It’s simple,

But most of us skip creating the business plan because it feels intimidating, and we lack people around us that can give us advice, and talking to customers can be a little scary at first

I know this is true because I had this same problem

But, it’s time for a change

So I created the God Idea Lab to be a 6-week coaching program that guides you through a market research process to discover how to profit from the idea God placed in your heart.

As a lab member, I will be your guide advising you and helping you seek advice from your customers

I am very excited about the God Idea Lab because it is going to be the catalyst to you profiting from the idea God placed in your heart

Here’s what others have to say about it

“The lab is amazing, because of Amos Johnson Jr. I was able to get clear on my target market and how to find them.” -Anissa Joyce Pennyman

“Amos has been instrumental for my online business and podcasts. We have seen our numbers grow and new sponsorships because of his advice” – Tyler McCart

“Thank God for the God Idea Lab because it saved us a lot of time and money chasing a product not suited for our company”
– Richard C. Witt, Jr.

“Amos has helped me to answer some important questions about my publishing business. Everyone needs someone like Amos on their team.” – Darren Shearer

Here’s how the God Idea Lab works

You are guided through a 6-week market research process to answer the following 9 questions from 3 key business areas:

Area 1: Concept

  • Problem: What is the problem you are trying to solve
  • Solution: What is the focused solution to that problem
  • Customer: Who is able and willing to pay to have that problem solved
  • Price: How much are you charging to solve the problem

Area 2: Marketing

  • Attract: What are you giving away to attract potential customers
  • Nurture: What is the process to warm-up potential customers
  • Referral: How are you going to encourage people to tell others

Area 3: Sales

  • Persuade: What words are needed to persuade someone to buy
  • Repeat: How are you going to get customers to buy again

Once per week during the 6 weeks, we meet one-on-one (over Skype or telephone) to discuss the results of the market research until we have all the answers to these 9 questions

Your outcome as a lab member is a business plan that outlines a clear path to profits based on advice and customer feedback

Also (and most importantly) the cloud of confusion surrounding your idea will be gone because you’ll have clarity on how to proceed. This will create a feeling of great peace and fulfillment.

So, are you interested in signing up for the God Idea Lab?

Who is the God Idea lab for?

Well, before you say yes, let’s look at who is a good fit for the God Idea Lab because it is not for everyone

  • First – you need to be reasonably sure what idea God has called you to launch in the marketplace (not how to do it, but just what to do)

  • Second – you must be willing to implement your idea with your current resources not using a loan or looking for investors. (Yes this can be done, no matter what level of resources you currently have)

  • Third – you must commit during the 6 weeks to go hard after the idea God has given you (You don’t have to quit your day job or neglect your family, but you must commit without looking back or doubting)

Does this sound like you?

If so, signup for the God Idea Lab and together let’s turn your idea into profits

Oh, one more point to bring out

The God Idea Lab is virtual, which means you can be a member from anywhere in the world, but you do need access to Skype or a telephone (so I guess that’s the 4th requirement to join the Lab)

At this point you may be thinking
“this sounds great, but what’s the cost?”

Well, to hire a consultant to help you create a business plan could cost anywhere from $10,000 and up

And, the cost of doing nothing, could cost you 100s of thousands of dollars in future profits.

So, what should be the right cost?

Well, first I don’t see this as a cost. I see this as an investment in the vision God has given you. An investment in your future.

And the investment to signup for the God Idea Lab coaching program (so you can get clear on how to turn the idea God placed in your heart into profits) is a one-time investment of $1495.

It’s Decision Time?

Are you ready to commit 100% to the success of the idea God placed in your heart?
If so, click below to signup for the God Idea Lab and let’s make some profits.


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